Today in the Word….


Today in the Word….

Every Thursday
12:00 am

A ministry of Moody Bible InstituteToday in the Word is a daily devotional that strives to proclaim the truth of the Word. Available by email, podcast, or magazine, it helps guide your bible study and boldly declares a biblical perspective on real issues.

Through daily studies of Scripture as well as monthly articles and Q&A’s from Bible experts, our aim at Today in the Word is to help readers like you grow a deeper understanding of God’s Word. We believe that one of the keys factors in knowing God’s Word is spending time studying His Word.

Each month you can expect to find a new and unique take on Scripture. With monthly themes like, “Famous Bible Couples,” “Laws that Liberate (The 10 Commandments),” “Unsung Heroes,” “‘Wait’ Training,” “Trees of the Bible,” and so many more, there’s a place for everyone in the Today in the Word family!